We here at SRWC are always planning and building new enclosures to support an increasing influx of orphaned and injured wildlife and, not uncommonly, we have to replace or repair appliances, enclosures, and various other things that we need to run the facility. Below are some of the more important projects we need help with!

   SRWC Ongoing Projects

Main Operations Building

Since 2015, our annual wildlife intakes have been growing in numbers.  We have been averaging just over 200 patients a year.  We are in dire need of new space that will include an exam room, intake area, isolation units, larger overwinter space, and more!  This is urgently needed to provide more quality care, space, sanitation, and to separate the center from living quarters.  With this new space, we can expand to help even more sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

As with most smaller facilities, (but growing fast!) we operate out of the founder's home.  A new building would limit possible spread of zoonotic diseases and further allow SRWC to separate between the non-profit and living quarters. Plans for the proposed new building have been drawn up, and we estimate that it will cost $20,000 to fully build and outfit the structure.

New multi enclosures and existing enclosure expansions

At eight outdoor enclosures, we have four that are dedicated strictly to raccoons, and the remaining four are multi enclosures that can house anything but raccoons.  The state of Maine has updated the size requirements for enclosures per species.  As a result, we need to modify three of our raccoon enclosures within the year and due to the size variance of mammal species we take in, there is a need three new multi enclosures this year.  Each enclosure cost varies but the average cost starts at $900.00.  With the influx of patients every year, this is an urgent issue.